Inside a Foie Gras Farm

Animal Equality recently visited a foie gras farm to witness the production of the cruel ‘delicacy’ first hand. To our amazement, many farms in France offer public tours, open to families. We were welcomed onto one and filmed ducks and…

Ducks Cruelly Caged for Foie Gras

PETA’s investigation of a Québec factory farm found ducks condemned to spend the last few weeks before they are slaughtered crammed inside barren cages. Help end the cruelty: Subscribe, and never miss another video:

French Foie Gras Cruelty – Animal Equality Undercover Investigation

WARNING: The video you’re about to see contains graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised. Support our investigators by supporting Animal Equality TODAY!: Visit: Animal Equality document the shocking reality of life for ducks and geese confined and force-fed…